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Gorge Kiteboard School

Gorge Kiteboard School evolved from Gorge Wind Guide Service, a guide service and school for advanced level windsurfers that was founded in 1995. In 1999 I added kiteboarding instruction to the existing program. In 2003 I created Gorge Kiteboard School to meet the increased demand for kiteboarding instruction and provide the highest level of service. Gorge Kiteboarding School is all about helping you become a life long kiteboarder. My programs are focused on giving you the skills that will allow you to enjoy the sport safely for years to come. The power developed by the kite is truly amazing and I can help you learn to control and focus that energy. This is a sport with significant dangers; the trial and error method of learning can be very costly and is not recommended. You want to learn from the mistakes of others, not by making the mistakes personally. I can help by making you aware of the common problems and primary dangers inherent in the sport and I will show you how to avoid them. Whether you are just starting in the sport, learning advanced skills, or just trying to get more comfortable kiteboarding The Gorge, I can help you have more fun.

Gorge Kiteboard School lessons focus on kite control because your level of control over the kite is directly related to your safety and the safety of those around you. Almost all kiteboarding injuries are the result of loosing control of the kite. With full sized kites this loss of control can unleashes a tremendous burst of power that can easily fling you up to 30 feet in the air and drop you 150 feet away from your starting point. My goal is to teach you to control the kite so that an unexpected gust of wind is not a problam. Getting on the board is easy once you have the kite flying skills to generate steady power at the appropriate level and in the correct direction.

I do not teach large groups because it is ineffective and disappointing for the students.
You learn the fastest by flying the kite, if you watch others for 20 minutes and fly the kite for 5 minutes it will take at least 3 times as long to learn this sport. Two students lessons work well for the advanced lessons but privet instruction is far more cost affective for the on-the-water portion of beginner and intermediate lessons.

By using accurate marketing that acknowledges the difficulty of this sport and combining a well organized school with quality instruction I achieve very high customer satisfaction. Come kiteboard with Gorge Kiteboard School, you will be glad you did.

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