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Kiteboarding Lessons at Hood River

Gorge Kiteboarding School

Intermediate Series

This series is designed to build the skills necessary to go upwind and kiteboard in more demanding wind conditions. These eliments can be combined into a single lesson or used as the basis of a 5-day program. I will kiteboard with you to teach and demonstrate.

Ground School (This will be part of each lesson.) We will start with a 30 - 45 minute classroom session to give you a clear understanding of what we are trying to accomplish and how it should work, as well as a quick safety review. This discussion creates a shared vocabulary that will speed your learning once in the water.

This lesson is about controlling the direction of your travel and the amount of force generated by the edge of your board. We will work on positioning your body in a more powerful stance and transferring that focused energy into the water smoothly. Improving your body positioning will reduce fatigue and increase your time on the water.

This lesson will teach you to change direction with style. We will work on simple stop and go turns, jump turns, and carving turns. Different turns are needed in different situations and knowing how to use them can keep you safe. Learning the timing of the kite and board transitions goes a lot faster with instruction.

You will improve your kite control, body position, and navigation skills in this lesson. By kiteboarding with you we can identify and correct your weaknesses. We start by holding ground and work toward kiteboarding up wind.

Introduction to Kiteboarding The Gorge
We will discuss how to evaluate the wind and water conditions in the Gorge and review local safety issues. We will select appropriate kites and get out on the river to work on smoothing out the effects of the gusty winds of the Columbia Gorge. You will learn to use the riverís current to move around the river and get the most from The Gorge.

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Teaching kiteboard lessons at Hood River since 1999

Teaching kiteboard lessons at Hood River since 1999

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